Make Friend with Your Kids on Facebook – Tips For Parents

Make Friend With Your Kids On Facebook

Make Friend With Your Kids On Facebook

Your child is using most of his free time on Facebook and you are worried about what he is doing on it. So, you want to make friend with your kids on Facebook to stay connected and save your child from danger and harm. Actually, Make Friend with Your Kids on Facebook is a good idea for you to take care of and monitor your children.

If your are parents who approve of Facebook for kids, you will want to make friend with your kids just for doing a little monitoring. However, many kids do not feel free when being friend with their parents on Facebook; they will not accept the friend requests from their parents or delete their parents’ Facebook from the list of friends. If you do something embarrassing or annoying, you will be unfriended immediately; consequently, you cannot control your kids. Here, we suggest you some tips that you should use to make friend with your kids on Facebook well.

Make Friend with Your Kids on Facebook – Should or Should Not?

Make Friend With Your Kids On Facebook

Make Friend With Your Kids On Facebook

Pick your battles

If you are going to make friend with your kids on Facebook, you are not going to like what they post. But don’t make comments on little infractions, just involving when your child safety is under threats such as cyberbullying, cybersex, sharing personal information or dangerous people.

Post to their wall wisely

Your child’s wall on Facebook is public, so don’t post anything to correct, nag or embarrass them. Your kids will feel more comfortable if parents do not post anything on kids’ Facebook wall.

Don’t make friend with your kids’ friends

It is easy to make contact with the friends of your kids’ friends; so you can add your child’s classmates and buddies to their Facebook friends list easily. But you should not do that. At least, it is better to ask your kids before before accepting or sending a friend request to their child’s friend.

Don’t post embarrassing photos on your kids’ wall

Make Friend With Your Kids On Facebook

Make Friend With Your Kids On Facebook

Some photos of your kids in a pajamas or having teeth brushed may so cute; but if they are public on Facebook, kids will feel unpleased, embarrassed and even annoy. They might be mortified if those images are put on Facebook. Not only the friends of your child see it but also your friends can see it; and you will be unwise parents if you post them on your child’s Facebook without his/her permission.

Get permission before tagging your child in a photo

Parents ought to ask their kids for permission before tagging your kids in a photo because the photos the kids were tag would display directly on their page. For safety issues, it need an extreme caution when posting or tagging someone especially children in a photo.

Don’t stalk kids

Do not insist on the discussion between kids and their friends in detail because you cannot understand the way of talking or jokes of kids; even sometimes you might feel unhappy with what your children are talking about on Facebook. So, parents had better not make conversations with their child on Facebook, do it when the child talk to you in person and ignore gossip or rumor on his Facebook wall.

Don’t criticize kids’ friend

Make Friend With Your Kids On Facebook

Make Friend With Your Kids On Facebook

As a Facebook friend, you can see posts of your child’s friends, and they will sometimes say something you do not agree with. But keep calm without saying a single word when seeing your child’s friend posting photos or using language that burns out your retina.

Make Friend with Your Kids on Facebook – The Best Way for Responsible Parents

You should remember that Make Friend with Your Kids on Facebook does not mean you can access to everything related to your child because when he feels uncomfortable to be your friend he will unfriend you or change the privacy setting to hide posts, pictures and links he doesn’t want you to see. Some children create two Facebook accounts including one really used and one with dummy profile for his parents to see.

Overall, Make Friend with Your Kids on Facebook is a good way for you – responsible parents to monitor and protect your child. However, how to make your child accept your friend request on Facebook and how to make your child keep in touch with you are not easy. You ought to find out the right behavior to treat if you want to Make Friend with Your Kids on Facebook.

Three Birds on a Wire

Three Bird On A Wire

Three Bird On A Wire

A teacher was helping her third-grade students with a math problem.  After choosing a student in particular, she recited the following story:

“Billy, there are three birds sitting on a telephone wire.  A man with a gun shoots one of the birds. How many birds are left on the wire?”

The boy pauses. “None,” he replied thoughtfully.

“No, no, no.  Let’s try again, maybe you didn’t hear me correctly, “the teacher says patiently. She holds up three fingers. “There are three birds sitting on a wire.  A man with a gun shoots one,” she puts down one finger, “how many birds are left on the wire?”

“None,” the boy says with authority.

The teacher sighs.  “Tell me how you came up with that.”

“It’s simple,” says the boy, “after the man shot one bird, the noise from the gun scared the other two away.”

“Well,” she says, “that’s not technically correct, but I like the way you think.”

“Thanks,” chimes the boy, “now let me ask you a question.”

“Okay,” she said guardedly.

“There are three women sitting on a bench eating popsicles.  One woman is licking the popsicle, one woman is biting the popsicle, and one is sucking the popsicle.  Which one is married?” he asked innocently.

The teacher looked at the boy’s angelic face and writhed in agony, turning three shades of red.

“C’mon,” the boy said impatiently, “which one is it, the one licking the popsicle, the one biting it, or the one sucking it?  Which one is married?”

“Well, uh,” she gulped and in a barely audible whisper replied, “the one who’s sucking?”

“Naw,” he says with surprise, “the one with the wedding ring. But I like the way you think.”

Your Child Is Addicted To Facebook

Your Child Is Addicted To Facebook

Your Child Is Addicted To Facebook

Facebook is as a revolutionary way for contact and communication regardless of its age. It is great when Facebook is used for reuniting friends, making business connection, improving social relations, expand spiritual influence and so on. However, it also impact negatively on adults and children alike. Now, many parents feel worried about what their children are doing on Facebook because their kids spend too much time on Facebook to the exclusion of their real-life. More seriously, what will you do if your child is addicted to Facebook?

Help! My child is a Facebook addict

“Dear readers,

My 14-year old daughter spends all her time revolving in her Facabook world. Her schoolwork run badly; she always looks like stressful and irritable whenever I ask her to come to dinner and use more time with family. She stays up late at night to chat with her friends and is tired and exhausted at day time. When I threaten to ban her from using Facebook, she says I am the only one who is so strict on it. She tell me that she wanna be a naughty girl if I try to control her. I am really shocked at my daughter’s behavior.What should I do now?”.

This is just one story shared by a mom among parents whose children are addicted to Facebook. When looking at your child behavior in using Facebook, there are two issues here:

-   First, how do we determine the acceptable amount of time using Facebook?

-  And second how do we deal with the threats from all the filth, bullying and junks our children are face with on Facebook?

Your Child Is Addicted To Facebook

Your Child Is Addicted To Facebook

So, if you have a belief that your child is addicted to Facebook, you are the one who has to take action immediately. You are going to see resistance, pain, tantrums and tears if you make effort to restrict your child from Facebook. However, seriously what’s the worst outcome you will get if you ignore everything your child is doing on Facebook. Your child always plays online, spends more time on Facebook, reads unhealthy articles, meets bad people and stands aloof from real-life. Moreover, your child might suffer from criminals and vulnerability.

The first action you do take to break the fact your child is a addicted to Facebook is to come up with strong boundaries and limitations. Parents should play the role of a friend to give advice than a parent to force the child what to do. You encourage your child to make to the Facebook time quality for connecting friends than mindless trolling and chatting. This may be easier than you limit the amount of time spent on Facebook by your child. You can move the computer to a common place in your house in order to control the amount of time and also put the child in the stream of family life as opposed to being blocked in its room. By this way, you can succeed but sometimes you will hear “I’m bored” from your child due to its void time. You ought to make an alternative plan including a range of outdoor activities to keep your child away from the computer and Facebook.

However, you can create the plan to stop your child’s Facebook addition without understanding mutually your child’s feelings and emotion. Additionally, what he/ she is doing on Facebook? Those things are good or bad? Harmless or harmful and so on?

The bottom line is you want the best thing coming to your children. You are right but you have not had the best way. You parent your child by your strict obligation and rule. In this case, your child is addicted to Facebook the best way to solve is that you penetrate into your Facebook account to see the truth. It is a need to do this because your child will hide all he/she does on Facebook; especially his/her doing are bad.

Your Child Is Addicted To Facebook

Your Child Is Addicted To Facebook

How To Deal With This Problem “Your Child Is Addicted To Facebook”

Here we offer you the best way to monitor and protect your child. You will not have to waste much time and power to keep track of your child even when Your Child Is Addicted To Facebook. For a sure that you have never come up with this idea but it is actually useful to deal with the Facebook addition issue. Using our service you will get the password of your child’s Facebook account in a short time; moreover your child will not know you can access to his/her Facebook account. All you need to do is to get the password, login your child’s account, see the truth and find the way to protect your child.